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Trademark objection and Opposition

Trademark registration is process and usually it takes time to obtain registration. It stats from filing an application and passes through the process of examination by the officer/trademark authority. On account of examination by the trademark authority, if he feels there is any objection like the same is similar to already registered trademark or the trademark is very common, in that case authority can raise an objection.

Such objection can be removed by filing a reply to the objection raised by the authority along with facts and points supporting registration of the mark. In pursuance to the reply, the Examiner can call for hearing and on the basis of submission he can allow the trademark filing to proceed or reject the trademark application

Trademark Opposition

The trademark registration is a process. After the application is allowed by the trademark authority but before the registration of the trademark the Trademark Registrar publishes the trademark to be registered in the Trademark Journal and allow a period of 90 days for any person to raise an opposition.

The trademark applicant is required to file an application against the opposition by the opponent. In case applicant provides justification for granting the trademark to him, such trademark attain the finality and trademark gets registered in the official gazette.

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